Wifarer Wins VIATeC Innovative Excellence Award and is Top 15 in the BCIC Competition

Posted by Lise Murphy, Wifarer Inc. of VIATeC

VICTORIA, British Columbia – Wifarer Inc. won the prestigious "Innovative Excellence" award at the VIATeC Technology Awards on June 2nd, 2011. The awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the technology sector on Vancouver Island (the Silicon Valley of Canada).

In addition, on May 31st, Wifarer was named one of the top 15 emerging tech companies in British Columbia by a panel of judges at the BCIC New Ventures Competition. Wifarer moves to round 3 of the 4 round competition, winners of which will be announced in September 2011. There were 173 companies nominated for this award.

“We are thrilled to have won the award for Innovative Excellence and to have been named one of the top 15 emerging tech companies in British Columbia,” said Philip Stanger, Wifarer’s CEO. “Starting a tech company is hard work, and it is great for our
team to receive this recognition from our peers. Most of the time, we’re so absorbed in getting through the day’s challenges that we forget to pat ourselves on the back for what we’ve accomplished.”

Wifarer Inc. has developed the world’s first software-only indoor GPS solution that works on users’ smartphones to pinpoint their location in real time in an indoor venue. Wifarer’s core innovation is the proprietary algorithms that use a venue’s indigenous
WiFi to accurately pinpoint the location of a smart phone in real time to an accuracy of 1-3 meters. Wifarer’s locator engine drives the core capabilities of our solution, which are indoor positioning, navigation, location based content/proximity marketing, and
venue analytics. Wifarer’s technology represents a paradigm shift for the indoor wayfinding industry - Just as GPS revolutionized how people navigate outside, Wifarer is revolutionizing how they navigate inside.

See a demo at www.wifarer.com